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Rarified Airs: The sequel to HBO's Sex And The City, follows Mr. Big and his entourage through a Manhattan you can only read about. 

Mistake Of Fact: A legal thriller with "The wit of The Gold Coast and the twists of Presumed Innocent" Mistake of Fact is "a master stroke."

Out From Under:  Boy grows up in mob, but this time winds up playing saxaphone for Springsteen.  "Uplifting, hilarious, and full of life lessons."

Pre Production & Development

The Accidental President: An absurd comic screenplay by Neil Greenbaum and Jay Devore.   Through a spectacular chain of accidents, an unrepentant slacker enters the most corrupt, power-driven, and money-grubbing system the world has ever known -- the United States Government.  

Drunk In Love:  Also by Jay Devore, this screenplay is a modern invasive examination of alcholism, love, and purpose.  Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, Drunk In Love will make you look as hard at yourself as you did at it.  


Ussie:  A unique digital envelope for sales communication that combines privacy with proprietary visuals.  

Usable Meditation:  A chain of meditation studios that focus on making esoteric meditation techniques accessible and functional. 

 BYO:  Developmental operation for several global yacht companies featuring innovations such as solar power and family design. 


The Dignity Exchange:  An examination of the application of dignity as a transactional currency.   Currently slated for publication in The Atlantic

Alternative Sobriety:  Overview of alternative methodologies and approaches to sobriety,  Slated for publication in Men's Health. 

Visual Arts

The Return Of Dignity is a collection of digital ephemera art.   The collection will debut at Ebba, in Katonah, NY, in June, 2018. 

... and Clients & Critics say...

Out From Under - "Wow."

Mistake Of Fact - "Make room between Scott Turow and John Grisham."

Rarified Airs - "Funnier than Sex And The City, and fills in the blanks, too."

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